From: CHSI

Parchment Inc. is a trusted company which collects and disseminates credentials of learners to educators, associations and employers by securely sending and receiving education credentials online in simple and insightful ways. The Parchment platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities to exchange more than 12 million transcripts and other credentials globally.

Parchment makes the process simpler, secure and more transparent for everyone. Registrars at Parchment member institutions issue education credentials electronically and save time and money. On the other side of credential exchange, Parchment Receive members collect credentials from multiple issuers and individuals, streamline operations and access analytics. Parchment members serve individuals better, smarter, faster.

美國Parchment公司 (Parchment Inc.) 通過簡單并深刻的方式在線傳輸學生文憑,為教育工作者、協會和雇主收集和發放學生學歷,是一家值得信賴的公司。Parchment平臺已經幫助全球數百萬名學生,上千所中等和高等院校傳輸了一千二百多萬份成績單和其它學歷文檔。