From: CHSI

Established in 1999, Digitary enables Higher Education Institutions to certify, deliver, and authenticate academic credentials online in a secure digital format that fully respects data protection principles for both institutions and for the individual. Academic achievement records such as transcripts, European Diploma Supplements, HEARs, and Degree Certificates are all supported. Over 30 institutions in 4 countries have issued over half a million records through Digitary, with many more organizations around the world using the platform to authenticate achievement online and facilitate greater student mobility. Digitary is the nominated service provider for the UK’s Digital Academic Records Exchange (DARE) platform and is a regular contributor to developments in the global e-Credentials ecosystem, through its participation in the Groningen Declaration Network (www.groningendeclaration.net) and through collaboration with European stakeholders to facilitate standardization and electronic exchange of student mobility data.

創立于1999年的Digitary公司能夠通過安全的數字化方式幫助高等教育院校機構在線核實、傳遞、認證學術文憑,且它完全遵照院校和個人的數據保護原則。它支持成績單、“歐洲文憑補充”、HEAR、學位證書等所有學術成就記錄。目前已有超過4個國家的30多所院校通過Digitary頒發了50余萬份學生記錄,另外還有很多世界各國的機構使用其平臺在線驗證學生的學術成就,這極大推動了學生的流動性。Digitary是英國數字化學術記錄交換 (DARE) 平臺的指定服務提供商,同時其通過參與格羅寧根宣言組織 (www.groningendeclaration.net) 以及與歐洲的各利益攸關方合作去促進學生數據流動性的標準和電子交換,從而也定期貢獻于全球電子文憑生態系統的開發。